Friday, May 26, 2006

Movie Review: The DaVinci Code

The much awaited DaVinci Code has finally released and I ended up watching it the very first day. Though I was interested in the movie, the bad reviews I got from the net kinda put me off. None the less, watching the movie was a long standing plan and we stuck to it.

To set the tone of the review, if you had read the book, you will not enjoy it! By itself, it is an ok film with intriguing enough plots. But as was in the book, the plots are not well explained. For e.g.: There is this scene where the whole story of Priory Of Sion and Opus Dei and Knights Templar is explained by Lee to Sophie in the presence of Robert. This is a very long scene with so many essential fundas covered but it happens so fast that it gets difficult to grasp it. The french pronunciations don't make it any easy to understand the nuances of the movie and also the hurry to cram the story into a movie screenplay definitely hurts the movie. The role and history of Silas, the albino, is not well covered. Though the puzzles by themselves remain interesting, their explanations are covered in haste, and in fact, the viewers hardly get a chance to grasp the clues and don't get a decent shot at deciphering them.

Since its a thriller, the plot is all important, and I will leave that for the people who gonna watch it. All in all, for someone like me, who has read the book, this was not a good outing. I would rate this at 45% or 4.5/10.

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