Monday, May 15, 2006

Another whirlwind weekend

Just got back from a very hectic trip to kerala, was there to attend an engagement. The whole function went on very well, but only the fact that I was the driver, the mover, etc etc left me sapped physically of all energy. To add to this we had a bad travel back by bus and at office our CTO is visiting and the guy is so fundu that I feel sapped mentally too. All for loved ones and hence its all worth it [they read this blog too. :-)]. Anywayz... another day or so and I should be back on track.

This week promises to be all football, with the all important UEFA champions league final. I just hope the match is as interesting as the FA cup final. Man, I feel so so sorry for WestHam... they should have won it!

Anywayz... got to hit the bed! got to hit the bed! got to hit the bed! I hope self coaxing works!! :-))

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