Sunday, April 30, 2006

A week on steroids

Last week was one of those that ended before it started. It was studded with happenings that would take a while to erase from memory. I had my wedding anniversary last week. It was more or less planned for and we had a blast! It did burn a hole in my pocket, but I guess my pocket has been cold for so long, it can take a bit of heat. ;-)

Last week also saw one of 'first' ladies who joined our company go away on long leave. She has taken a 2 month break and it could be longer too. Feeling very happy for her, as she has done something coz of personal reasons and unlike many of us, she realizes how important it is. Also feeling sad, coz she was by far the most diligent of all when it comes to work at our office. We will sure miss JK.

Apart the good and bad times, some welcome discoveries from the world around me. First of, is this music project , which has definitely been one of the best apps I have come across in a while. Try it out and trust me you will love it! Ofcourse, it only houses English music as of now. Also got a looksie into yahoo beta last week, and it does look good. Gmail beware! Also, noticed how the sudoku craze has taken over most of the print media?If you did, then you will like this.

I have been thinking about getting myself a new mobile, but I am almost sure I don't want to go the typical mobile way anymore. I wanna get sophisticated and yet remain playful. I want to get myself a smartphone! Can't decide between looks and f unctionality and track record. Lemme see....

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