Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ice Age 2 - Review

Now here is one of the first sequels of the year and we are awaiting more of them in this year like the xmen, mission impossible etc etc. This ofcourse is in a different league and hence doesn't disappoint. This again is very similar to the prequel and is very childish in story, dialogues and ending. But what is good about the whole thing is that the movie does not pretend to be anything else! The story is very very predictable and the ending is very cliche. But in the process of showing the obvious are some fantastic CG and even better dialogue rendering. The show is again stolen by the most unlikely hero of them all.. SCRAT! Love the "things" tenacity! It now graces my wallpaper on my desktop and my laptop. :-)

Not a whole lot to write home about the movie other than that I liked it. ;-)

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