Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We lose...

India loses in two very different fields. We have got our ass kicked with our politicians deciding to ahead with reservation. We have also got smashed on the cricket field by the windies.

Cricket is no where close to the significance of the reservation ruckus, so lets discuss reservation. What is this discussion worth? Nothing... but nonetheless.

1. The overall quality of the students passing out will come down.
2. The private institutions will be pressurized into taking these students(who will most probably not do well in studies) in and training them to be useful.
3. The appraisal process will now be skewed with reservation being one more consideration for the general merit students to worry about.
4. You will now have to factor an interview candidate on the basis of
       i) OS
       ii) C/C++ (or whatever)
       iii) Networking (or whatever)
       iv) Attitude
       v) Reservation
5. If you have a critical module to be completed, you will have to ensure that some 50% of it must be done by an OBC employee.
6. Arjun Singh will die!
7. His great grandchild will need a bone marrow transplant and the operation will be done by one of the OBC's who is definitely qualified but not deserving to be in the operation theatre. He will goof up as expected and the whole thing will come a full circle!

I know the last couple of points are rude, but when I read this, I don't know what else can be said on this topic!

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Reshma said...

Today there were people standing outside the Infy campus distributing some pamphlets against reservation. They were going to having an anti-reservation rally on May 28th in Bangalore. I wonder will it be of any help, now that Arjun Singh has made his stand clear. Next time, I am going to vote for the party which will remove reservation (or rather reduce the reserved seats). Down Down Congress!!!