Thursday, February 02, 2006

Unhealthy days

This week has been pretty bad for quite a few people I know. I had four of my colleagues going down with some sort of food poisoning and/or viral fever. Just yesterday one of my colleagues had a pretty nasty bike accident. I think she will be out of commission for a couple of days, if not more.

Still talking of sick, but in a different vein. We lost the match at Karachi! :-((( After the very promising start to the match and an equally gutsy bowling fight back from the pakis, they buried us with their batting. The rumour mills are now doing overtime with claiming the end of sachin to the monotonous captaincy of dravid to the last days of saurav in one-dayers. Well, its been a bad cricket week and a pretty boring-to-bad series.

One thing that caught my attention after the misery at karachi was the way the TV channels go out of their way to ensure that we don't lose interest in the cricket team, not even temporarily. Ten Sports and ESPN/Star Sports are showing all the old matches were India has won comfortably or where Sachin has played some of his oh-so-long-ago masterful innings! Manipulation people... manipulation.

I need to run now... getting late for work. Maybe I will edit this post with Internet bytes later.


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