Sunday, February 19, 2006

Living... an art?

What has definitely consumed Bangalore and maybe a better part of India over the last couple of days? You won't have to think hard that it has nothing to do with politics, movies or cricket(not even the series at our office!). It has most definitely been the celebrations of Sri Sri Ravishankars 50th Bday and 25th Anniversary of "The Art Of Living" foundation.

Ok... So there was a celebration, so what? Why should I bother myself about it, let alone have y'all read a blog entry about it? Well, the answer is quite simple, it irks me! And I ain't coy about it! I had my uncle and cousin from Dubai coming over to attend this celebration and also had my mom going on one of the days and come back totally engulfed in the "aura" of the whole thing(charade?). I happen to "have" to watch the whole thing on TV and for some unforeseen reason I don't seem to be moved as many others claim to be? Why is it so? Is it coz I am one of the infidels as the fanatics would have it? Or is it that I actually know how to live my life and don't need the "art" to be taught to me? I hope I don't come through as being arrogant but no point being modest either!

So, lets give the benefit of doubt to "Sri to the power of 2". What is he teaching here? Inner peace? Good. Love thy neighbour? Good. Be kind and loving? Good. I work with a bunch of people (who form my social circle) who already are aware of all this. So, this is not for me or the people close to me. I am yet to see a person who "actually" needs this kind of an education attend the course, and trust me, I know a few. Why does he take Rs.3000 for an initial course and much more for the advanced courses? How many in India can afford (without guilt in their heart) to pay that kind of money? So, does this "art" only belong to the relatively well-off or rich? Should India be charged for its spiritual advancement? Should he be kept in parallel with someone like Mother Teresa? This comparison is only because I thought I read somewhere that he was being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize! Making spirituality fashionable does not warrant this honour.

I could go on and on about this... but I guess you have all got the point I am trying to make. I don't intend to offend anyone, just exercising my free speech and I welcome the readers of this blog to exercise theirs (via comments) and let me know what they think about the blog entry. Till then...

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Anila said...

The price for this 'enlightenment' suggests that it cannot help those who don't have a life at all! The message is earn enough, make your living and then try adding some 'art' to it?? ;-)