Monday, January 30, 2006

Good Times... so few and far between

A relaxing weekend just went by I am already missing it! The 7 hour drive to Hampi and back was fantastic and so was the place. The NH4 up to Chitradurga is just fantastic! If you are a person who enjoys driving and don't mind going on the fast lane, you can cover the 200 something kms in 2 hrs! Hampi is also a nice and quite place to visit. It feels good to be away from the daily rut!

A mention must be made about the non-tourist like attitude of majority of people in India(I know I am generalizing, but I am pretty sure I am addressing the majority here). The ruins of Hampi, which is beautiful by itself, is being ruined further by these ignorant people. It is littered with plastic bottles, ice-cream cups and human feces! Honestly, after having seen the tourist spots of the so called "culturally depraved westerners", I feel sorry for all these folks who visit India to experience the "rich culture and heritage" and are forced to pay money and watch how efficiently we are destroying our own cultural pillars(pun intended).

That being said, it was a memorable trip otherwise and we did laze around a lot, which is good. :-)

Though I was cut off from many of my online news gathering sources, the week still was eventful enough to fill up this blog with just the headlines. Mannina Mommaga finally pulled off a fast one on his dad, the original mannina maga. If on one hand he pushed his father further into the political abyss, on the other hand he helped end the Lotus's long wait to surface in the south. Mani Shanker Aiyer gets the boot for being too "left of center", whatever that means! He definitely pissed of Uncle Sam with his Iran stand and we know its taboo to do that in todays world. Baghdatis did his best to upset the "Rogs" juggernaut, but fell short. And, Finally a good cricket pitch was laid down at Karachi and from the proceedings of the first two days, maybe we(India) should not have cribbed so much about the pitches at Lahore and Faisalabad. :-)

BTW, how many of you noticed these ads on paper and radio city lately? I think the campaign managers have really blown this one in a big way as there is almost no hint of this being a out-n-out commerial and an ad-spoof. I am sure many a gonna be flat owner with a 30L loan and a 2007-2008 completion date would have visited the site to check for symptoms. ;-), no offense guys.

Thatz all for today folks... have a great week ahead!


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