Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Deceptively Bad Movies - 2

Hope all those who had to get lucky got lucky yesterday, on the oh-so-important V-Day. I do feel that itz been blown out of proportion this time around, or rather for a few years now. Almost every infotainment source was glaringly pointing towards one question, how well you have geared yourself this year for V-Day? It should be no surprise from my viewpoint that I didn't do much on V-Day. My intention is not to discourage people who did have a blast, but rather solace for people who chose not do anything. Before I make it look totally unromantic, WE did do something last weekend, call it a pre V-Day celebration. :-)

RDB (Rang De Basanti) happened last week in no less than GOLD CLASS at Forum. First, the movie, it was definitely not up to my expectations. As it is these days, Aamir Khan(The modern Day Manoj Kumar!) ensures that every film of his is a big event and RDB was no different. To add, I got *only* good reviews from whoever had seen RDB. The movie is well made and is boring only in small patches, but the story is very shallow. The solution that the protagonists thought up was not realistic, practical, logical or even possible! But then, its just a movie I suppose and hopefully the attempted message gets through.

Now, why Gold Class? If it is as good a film as people say and since gold class was something we were planning, why not make it a "nehle pe dehla". As it stands, Gold Class was excellent. The whole movie viewing experience is out of the world! I suggest all to give it a try for a really looong movie, to get maximum value for money. :-) The food part was very disappointing. They give a 150 rupee food voucher and almost everything in the menu is 150 or more. To even decently fill your tummy you will end up spending more than what you would at the 100 item lunch course at Taj Residency.

My recommendations:
1. RDB - Why not? It doesn't hurt much.
2. Gold Class - Definitely.

Also, a tip, if you get to Shoppers Stop on Saturdays before 10:30AM, free breakfast is served. Guess who had his fill. ;-)


Anila said...

RDB was not upto your expectations, agreed!
But was it bad enough to be tagged 'Deceptively Bad Movies - 2'??? I'm sad. :-(

Ajay said...

Hmm.. well, I expected so much from it! Also, I said it was deceptively bad, as in, the movie deceived me into thinking it was gonna be out of this world and somehow didn't live up to the billing.

I do agree that the movie is good and worth a watch, but how much better is it than the other "good" movies around?

Anila said...

For a few, the movie was actually an 'out of the world' experience! For after seeing it for a second time, I am still impressed. Will watch it again, given a chance. :-)

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