Saturday, February 18, 2006

We win.. again!

The update I promised on the keenly contested match at our office is here. I can't put this in any nicer tone, "We kicked their butt"... AGAIN! We have now won the series 3-1 doing an India on Pakistan. Unlike our more famous counterparts(did I just compare our series to the Ind/Pak series in a very casual manner?) we will not be playing the match after the dead rubber and would start a new series. I am not too sure if the QA folks have the stomach for it though. If any of the QA folks are reading this, its just a game boyz. ;-))

I was looking at some property ads on paper and Bangalore is still hot! In fact, too hot to handle for me. Buying property seems out of range these days anywhere in Bangalore, unless of course you make money outside of work. I tell you, once you come up with a real good idea, then it makes money for you. Of course, the novelty of the idea is bound to die some day, and even apple ipod or itunes can get competition.

I am right now waiting for the movie "Kaal" and "Chronicles of Riddick" to start. Unfortunately both are at 9:00pm and my wife has made the choice easy for me, itz "Kaal" and we don't have TiVo yet! :-(.

Ok y'all, the movie just started....

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