Saturday, February 04, 2006

Deceptively Bad Movies

I am still very much captivated in the remorse of having see a really bad movie. I saw Narnia over the weekend and it was deceptively boring to say the least! Trusting all the movie rating sources didn't do me any good this time around. There is computer graphics, but not good enough. There is a story, but not good enough. There are some good performances, but not good enough. The witch does an OK job, the wardrobe is exactly a wardrobe and nothing more and the Lion is nothing more than a guest appearance. The whole movie is dotted with oh-seen-that and oh-guessed-that kinda plots.

The realization dawns that I don't like the children genre of fantasy movies. Will most definitely stay away from them the next time around!

On the subject of deception, don't you guys think this man epitomises the word! His coup was creative but will his governance also be so? If the new government in Karnataka comes good on half of the promises they have made, we will be very very happy.

All we can do is wait and watch...


vjoshi said...

I thought Narnia was a very very decent movie. I did find the 1st 30 minutes to be dull but once the kids discovered Narnia, the movie went along at a terrific pace.

I guess I was one of the "target" audience.

Continuing on the subject of movies, I am definitely interested in knowing your thoughts about RDB.

I place Narnia above RDB.

PS: Is it possible to increase the font size on your page ?

Ajay said...

I was seeing no comments from anybody and had stopped watching it. :-)

Thanks for the comments though. I will need all kinda inputs to keep this thing going. I am no HTTP expert, but I think I can muster the font change.

RDB, thatz planned for this weekend. Will keep you posted.