Friday, February 10, 2006

The week thats been...

It was a pretty mundane week upto friday. :-) We have a 5 match cricket series going on at our office between the QA and Development folks. The series was squared 1-1 till yesterdays match and as you could guess from the buoyancy of the post, WE WON!! And did we kick ass or what! Without gloating too much about the teams performance, lets just say, the score is 2-1 in our favour and there are 2 more matches to go, their misfortune. :-)) There was a less important match that happened today between India and Pakistan, if anyone is interested.

We had some tech news hitting us this week. Lucent saves Riverstone just before it went under, while Larry Ellison was busy making himself richer, his people take the brunt. Inspite of such bad news, we do live in very interesting times. There is always a "worth a mention" innovation round the corner.

I happened to be at the Garuda Mall, Bangalore today. There were some 20 somethings walking around wearing a 'Times Now' T-shirt and a portable media player (more like a TV) showing off the latest news sensation. I am sure in todays over zealous infotainment age, this would also be used as propaganda material by a BJP friendly channel. :-)

So little news, so many channels to show it... :-) Have a nice weekend folks.

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