Saturday, February 25, 2006

TWTW :-)

The title... just an acronym for "The Week That Was". Make anything an acronym and people feel its gotta be important. :-)

Another week whizzes by and this was one of my better weeks this year. We solved a very critical bug at work and this would go a real long way in making the product we are working on a big success. We also had a new boss at office and till now its been an effort at initiating him into our ways before he initiates us into his ways. :-). So far, so good. With so much Wi-Fi around, I wonder, would this fly in a city like Bangalore? A city-wide or at least Central-Business-District wide access? I can quite a few people walking around with laptops? Wouldn't they want all-time access or is it meant only for show-off value? I wonder if and when this will get underway, but sure would make life easy for the laptopwallas. Talking of life being made easy, I happened to be writing a few cheques last week and I realized that I "cross" all the cheques. Now, this seems like a wasteful exercise. I say so because if I am going to cross every cheque, why can't I get a cheque book that is already crossed? Why make it obvious to the banker that I am "parallel line drawingly challenged" ? Can I go to Citibank with this idea and make some money, as this can be posed as a value added service? I am sure many time starved techies would catch the fad. :-)

Another Friday goes by means another cricket match between Developers and QA. Now, y'all must be bored of this, and so are we(developers)! We whipped their ass.. AGAIN! Well, We have now beaten their minds, not their bodies and to say the least, the matches now are sheer torture and unfair to them and us. ;-).

Since there was nothing good in the screens today, I am going with "TV only" this weekend. As a start to this, I have been watching "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa" and Debojit just won it! Now, to be frank I feel, of the boys, Hemchander had the best voice and Himani the best among the girls. Hence the final between Vineet and Debojit was not really fun. Anywayz, another reality show with an Indian touch ends and again proves that India's obsession with SMS had resulted with a strong regional bias(North India - 40% votes) for Debojit/Vineet robbing Hemachander (South India- 15%) from being the worthy winner. This voting system definitely sucks!

There are quite a few net musings to go by this week, but thanks to my workload I didn't collate this neatly enough. :-(. Nonetheless, being busy on the net has never been difficult, especially with so many sites that are next-gen. There are also some eye-catching but yet useless information out there that needs to be filtered. Without our knowledge the way the net moves, the world moves and hence we move and change.

Even if the presentation of net happenings was lame, I did try..... :-)


Reshma said...

I did not know that something like exists. Now, I can also use yahoo messenger without installing it :-)

Anila said...

Just a question.. Is this how you beat the testers??? ;-)

Top 20 replies by Programmers to Testers when their programs don't work

20. "That's weird..."
19. "It's never done that before."
18. "It worked yesterday."
17. "How is that possible?"
16. "It must be a hardware problem."
15. "What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?"
14. "There is something funky in your data."
13. "I haven't touched that module in weeks!"
12. "You must have the wrong version."
11. "It's just some unlucky coincidence."
10. "I can't test everything!"
9. "THIS can't be the source of THAT."
8. "It works, but it hasn't been tested."
7. "Somebody must have changed my code."
6. "Did you check for a virus on your system?"
5. "Even though it doesn't work, how does it feel?
4. "You can't use that version on your system."
3. "Why do you want to do it that way?"
2. "Where were you when the program blew up?"
And the Number One Reply by Programmers when their programs don't work:
1."It works on my machine"

Just kidding? Please don't wage a war with me. :-)

Ajay said...

I have said atleast 80% of these and when you say them with complete confidence and child-like innocence, they usually work.