Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This week started very busy at work and has stayed true to form till now. What this has ensured is minimal personal emailing, almost no browsing at office and 2 days of absolute bloglivion. I wanted to change this trend, and here I am blogging at 8:00AM. :-) I think I will make up for the lost time by not reading the newspaper. Anywayz, the only things in the paper anyway is Bird Flu or controversial cartoons. Is it just me or is the 'daily' print media losing its bite? As it is we are numbed by all the violence around and the death of 4 persons in some part of India(or the world) doesn't necessarily move us. This I feel is indicative of us getting into our cocoons and our disconnection from worldly human affairs. I remember not so long ago, a chain-snatching or robbery in Bangalore would have us reading hard at what, when, how etc. Today such crimes are common place and we need a murder or two to get our attention. I hope this situation doesn't progress into one where we are not moved by even murders and need catastrophes to happen. Is a more sophisticated materialistic lifestyle degrading our socio-emotional framework?

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