Saturday, February 11, 2006

Inbox peeks

I don't receive as many forwarded(junk) mails as I used to a few years back, but I still seem to be in the rolls of many a youngling. To be frank, these junk mails sometime help.
1. They get you away from serious stuff(not necessarily work)
2. You can vent your frustration of a bad coffee day at a junk mail.
3. They act as important connection points, or keep alives from the person who sent them. Its like telling, "I am alive and forwarding mail, hopefully you are alive and trashing mail. We are too busy to call eachother or send a personal email, but not busy enough to totally let go of our acquaintance".

I kinda like the last one, thatz as good a reason as any to send forwarded mails around, hell we all know nobody reads them anyway! >:-}. On that note, here is some stuff that landed in my inbox/comp. Please don't try relating them, there is none. :-)

Dilbert Union:

Mother Nature:

Nano, if you are clumsy a big NoNo:

Finally, this pic demands a little more than just a heading. I got this via email indicating what would be obvious from the pic, the jewellery the girl is wearing. What was not needed to be as obvious were their faces. Some friend whom either one of the couple or both trusted sent this mail out on the internet to a bunch of friends who he/she surely did not trust as much! A simple action like this and a total no one to the whole scene, me, gets it and is now blogging it! I have done the little I could to keep their anonymity, but none the less, the jewellery on the lady was something to be seen to be believed! :-O

Lemme know if you like this kind of media(image or video) stuff on the blog and I can scrounge for more. :-)

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