Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My net at home has been down for a couple of days and office has been quite hectic. During this quite time the only thing that happened interesting was the budget. PC has walked the line again... hell he didnt have to draw a new line as the booming India Inc took care of itself and all he had to do with hold the steering wheel tight and we would sail through. This budget does exactly that, that is, keep the steering tight. We (layman) have hardly anything to rejoice, and the sops and taxes are all indirect. I for one am more than happy to see the "well to do" being made to pay more tax. Who can afford it should definitely pay it. The budget also had some goodies for Bangalore. Hopefully this will get implemented and not stop at the political coffers.

Speaking of Bangalore, we have (after a very long time), an important person visiting India and not visiting Bangalore. Worse still, he is visiting Hyderabad! Well, I blame the politicians of Karnataka more than anything else as the reason for the degrading value of Brand Bangalore. Now, we can argue that "it is after all Dubya", but still, these things matter. Its almost like we have our top managers from US visiting our office premises every other quarter. Do these visits help ground reality, I don't think so. Yet, these visits are made and the token talks help maintain managerial visibility. I think the same would apply to Dubya and his visits. This not withstanding, whats with US Presidents and Hyderabad? Remember Clinton too took a Hyderabadi Sojourn! Here is NY Times trying to find a reason.

How many of you have started using flickr? I am yet to start using it full fledged yet and should start soon, riya is taking forever! Anybody have any other suggestions on good photo upload sites?

p.s: Zerophobe, this should interest you. :-)

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