Monday, April 24, 2006


My daily workload seems to have increased these days, contrary to my plan to getting it reduced. To add we seem to have so many power cuts these days, and in my office the ACs don't work when there are power cuts. These comps and boards get so damn hot without AC that its ultra uncomfortable. I can't call it an out of world experience, but after spending an average of 12 hrs a day the last 9 yrs in AC rooms, it sure feels like a different world.

The only real escape from this workaholic lifestyle if go away on a vacation or a more simple form is to go for these bubbles of escape, movies! Whatz the next good movie out there? I think its the The DaVinci code. I hear IceAge-2 is also good, maybe will watch it the coming weekend.

Tomorrow I have a friends kids 1st birthday party to go to... should I buy a gift? Tomorrow NSD flies to chennai as he fights his way to get himself a visa to the US. :-). Tomorrow...Tomorrow...Tomorrow. There ain't much in any tomorrow if you don't will it. :-)

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Reshma said...

The article on global warming is an eye-opener. What is written in it is exactly what Michael Crichton has written in his book "State of Fear".