Monday, April 03, 2006

I am back

After a quick (5 days is not too long) trip to Goa, I got back to Bengaluru yesterday evening. We covered 1300+ kms which took us about 24 hours in total driving time. The weather in Goa was just perfect and all the sunscreen lotions were a waste. I don't believe I have got a tan, but if you have seen me you would know that I am blessed with a permanent wheatish tan. :-) We strictly restricted our movement in Goa to beaches and discotheques. No St.Xaviers body and churches for us! Apart from all the fun we(Piggy, Pindz and me) had I have two regrets from the trip.
1. Didnt taste the Goan delicacies
2. Didnt take enough photos

But if the infosys rumour mill is to be believed, my wife could be getting a sponsored trip to Goa, and maybe I can have a less hectic and more romantic time the next time around.

Got into office today and got busy with issues, as usual. It will take a couple of days to digest all the work ahead. Usually after a vacation I am raring(and sometimes desperate) to get some work done. This time things are different. I just didnt feel like getting back to work and only the pressing issues we have had me bothered enough to work. Maybe I am getting bored of my work afterall, now thatz a good sign. :-)

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