Thursday, April 06, 2006

Feeling irked...

Whatz with all these promises that are being showered on Bangaloreans off late by the Government?? New flyovers being promised, New Roads being promised, Land to IT companies, Greater Banaglore being envisaged?? When will these ever get done?

What we need is more accountability in place. How do we get this into the system? How do other countries get their infra work done? Are the people just plain evil(corrupt) in India? How did China get to where it got? Does communism really have such a great affect on daily life when every other capitalistic comforts are present??

I only have questions today! :-((

I guess you cannot expect much from a government that shows equal concern to Lata Mangeshkar leaving Mumbai if a flyover is built near her apartment as to Medha Patkar starving to death!

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