Thursday, April 20, 2006

Down But Not Out!

I have been kept busy at work and having connectivity problems from home. This has literally killed my blogging time, just when I was garnering some readership. ;-)
I will definitely blog from office today.. to hell with the bugs! They never seem to stop for me, why should I stop for them? BTW, hot off the press, Radio Mirchi is online as is available at 93.3FM. They seem to be trying to create a listening crowd that is "upwardly mobile kannada speaking" crowd. They don't wanna mess with the established listeners of Radio City so early in the game, for e.g. its difficult to get used to somebody other than Vasanthi in the mornings and first impressions matter a lot and they know that.
Anywayz, just wanted to have a post to indicate that I have the will but not the instruments at this point in time to blog daily. :-( . But, I WILL BE BACK... hell, I am already BACK! :-))

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