Monday, April 17, 2006


Back in Bangalore after 4 days and already feel like so many things have changed. The Rajkumar incident happened and many new to Bangalore would have seen a different face of Bangalore. I cannot say I have seen too many such days, but yes, I have seen some like the time when:
1. Cauvery Water issue was raked
2. Urdu News was being broadcasted
3. Rajkumar was kidnapped by Veerappan.

Those days were not good and I trust last Wednesday and Thursday couldn't have been any better. The footage starved TV media went about the usual sensationalising of the situation and boy do I hate that! Feel deprived of the 'truth' coz of all this!

Anywayz, am I back in action and raring to go?? Well, unfortunately not quite. Still trying to find the thread of continuity which I left last Wednesday....

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