Sunday, March 26, 2006


A weird topic, but worth pondering about none the less. I have been seeing people getting obsessed about things that interest them more often these days. The new age and times I suppose.  This obsession is often either self-driven or circumstantial as in, sometimes this obsession is to distract them from other more addictive or painful thoughts and I think this escapism works quite well for them. For e.g. the trend of gyming or fitness is growing so much that almost *everyone* is into it. Its a nice obsession as its healthy and a healthy body houses a healthy mind. I wouldn't mind joining the bandwagon and In fact, I have been challenging myself off late to find the time and energy to make gyming a part of my daily time table. Thanks to work and also more easily distracting alternatives I have stayed away much to the disappointment of my loved ones. I now wait for my gym friendly e2c earphones to be used with my T10 to make gyming a more compelling alternative. :-)

To prove that I take the deals I shell out every now and then here, I have bought this. Its currently awaiting delivery and should be in my hands in less than a month. :-)) Next is the e2c and this. Yes, I love gadgets and find this as the ONLY reason to warrant a trip to fatherland every year or so.

When will Bangalore become this gadget friendly to shop?? sigh... but things are on a move (at least in the media) here, like, The budget is out and more flyovers are promised. Almost every article I read about this  ridiculed this news for loftiness. To be frank, even the optimist inside me cannot see so many projects taking off in Bangalore and running to completion, I believe our skyline will remain unaltered for most parts. :-)

I will be taking a break during the later part of coming week...more on this later. Sounds very news channel like, don't I ? But, unlike news channels I am not going to prompt you towards a commercial, rather just maintaining the suspense to heighten the excitement [ that I definitely am experiencing :-) ]

Its late... I am off...ZZZZZZ

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Reshma said...

Man! China rocks!
Wonder how we will be able to compete with them!