Saturday, March 04, 2006

Movie Review - Taxi No: 9211

Just watched Taxi No: 9211 at Inox and came in to office to act busy. I am actually surprised I finished the work I came in to complete. :-) Hey, stranger things have happened. :-))

Back to the movie... One liner on this movie would be, "Watch It!". A simple movie with a small plot, but good screenplay. I don't necessarily think its great direction(some newbie is the director), but the fact that I wasn't bored over a period of 2+ hours counts for a lot. There are no stellar performances and there is no great action. The comedy is subtle to quietly hilarious and is quite different from the usual Malayalam to Hindi morphed Priyadarshan flicks, who has taken over the not so proud mantle from David Dhawan. Nana Patekar can actually do more than just shout and act crazy, and in this case, for the second time in a row(bluffmaster being the first), he proves he does possess comic timing. Sameera does the "buxom lass on the side" role neatly and there is not much of a support cast to talk off. I keep John Abraham to the end, coz, this movie will do him more good than the others associated with this film. From being a wooden faced, Greek bodied male bimbo to an actor who can create hit movies... the transformation is quite astonishing.

The music of Vishal-Shekar is fantabulous. These guys are truly the group leaders of the "new-age" music directors of bollywood! Another fantastic score with 3-4 hummable songs. With AR Rahman spending almost all his time admiring the beauty of River Thames and the rest of the gang spending more time with "Indian Idol" and "Sa Ra Ga Ma", there is a space created for new talent and these guys have truly welcomed it. Just loved it!

This was my first movie at Inox and just like the Forum Gold Class experience, another wonderful time though not in the same league as the Gold Class. The upscale indian movie goer is being treated to this new barrage of multiplexes with costly tickets, costly snacks and clean toilets. At the end of the day, I think it is worth it!

Again, Taxi No: 9211 ... "Watch it!"

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