Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fruitful Weekend

This weekend was determined to be a hectic one with me visiting friends and chauffering my better half and cricket viewing to top it off. Fortunately or unfortunately I ended up doing only one of the above mentioned activities and that was cricket viewing. Nothing special in the match worth mentioning so lemme jump to the reason for the fruitful weekend.

I am going Linux at home!! Some of you must be wondering why this is a big deal as many of you must be working on linux at office or may have it installed at home. What makes it special is I managed to get my MSI motherboard(for Athlon 64) work with linux! This is special coz of two reasons.
1. I didn't think I will get it to work, and now that its working, makes me feel very very happy.
2. There are many on the net who were/are struggling to get this particular motherboard to love Linux.

I have been thinking of getting on with linux at home for a while, but have always pushed it away. Finally, I drew inspiration from zerophobe who is hell bent on single handedly making Linux "THE" desktop OS of the world. This bug caught on to NSD also fast enough, but then, NSD doesn't need much coaxing to try out something new. So, here I am... kubuntu'ed and loving it!

My next step is to get all the utils required to make kubuntu my defacto desktop and make me forget XP. I will still very much be with XP at office, but home, I think I gotta go the geeky way. :-))

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