Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Long Wait...

Hey Ppl... I AM BACK! :-)) Feels real good to be back to the regular routine of 10-12hrs of work, 6 hrs of play and 6 hrs of sleep. Last few days have been very hectic at office and to add to the whole chagrin of work kicking me in the face was my net connection giving trouble big time at home. I am not sure how many of you missed me and my blog, but I sure as hell missed blogging! Seriously, its a very new experience. Now, I have major commitment problems, as in, I find it very difficult to stay committed and focused on any activity(other than regular work) and here I was, missing penning these few lines to a very small group of ppl who have spared their precious minutes to read this. Now... this is my chance to say THANK YOU to one and all who have made the time to read.

Okie then... now that we have got past that emotive impulse, time for the regulars that make it every week.
1. We kicked QA's butt in cricket
2. India kicked butt in cricket (this time the pommies got it)
3. HDK has more promises for us.
4. Damn... I ran out of regulars! Oh well, it does hurt to repeat, We kicked QA's butt. :-)

We at office went out for a party this Wednesday and what a party it was! We had loads of fun in a little over 7 hrs. I photos can never do justice to give the true spirit and fun but can sure be indicative. Those who want to see it, ask me and it shall be provided. :-). This reminds me, there were quite a few cameras in action on Wednesday and was wondering if NSD(who bought himself a camera recently would feel like clicking his with kaisek around). Why isn't samsung doing so well in the digicam market? They seem to be innovating everywhere else. For e.g:

A WiMAX phone?

A 10 Megapixel phone?

A 8GB memory/HDD phone?

Anywayz..More blogging coming your way at better frequency. So, until then, something to keep you pondering, fresh from the grapevine "Narayan Murthy is the leading contender for the post of The President of India". I will take a rain cheque on whoever grossly disagrees and wants to place a bet. ;-)

p.s: Names used above (NSD, Kaisek etc) are all alter egos of my colleagues and not my creative juices flowing overtime.

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Reshma said...

I dont think Narayana Murthy himself would have known about his being a candidate for the President :-). I hope he becomes the President, India will shine its way to glory. Who knows! The forwards which talk about Americans learning hindi might become true :-)