Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Devil Drivers

Today was a horrific day on the road. These call centre drivers seem to have their brain(thatz a big assumption) screwed backwards! They drive so rashly and have absolutely no road sense or common sense. I had one idiot almost bang into me while he was trying to get his sumo pass me from the left. I was pissed and tried to call the number that they had written on the back of the vehicle which says "Please call this number if this vehicle is driven rashly or breaks traffic rules". This is the second time that I have called such a number and no one picking the call! Why they do even have this on the back of the car if they don't really care?? Why can't the companies that use these vehicles take it on themselves to ensure that whoever is working for them is not being a menace on the road? The big question here being why and where are the social responsibilities of corporate India!

What is the point of Bangalore Metro or Flyovers or underpasses with such maniacs on the road?

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Reshma said...

I totally agree!!! Yesterday a Tata Sumo (call center vehicle) bumped into an infy bus which was waiting for signal to turn into electronic city. Now, what kind of a driving is that!!!