Monday, March 27, 2006

Spontaneously Funny

This may not sound relevant to many and is politically vulgar in nature, you are all warned. :-)

How many of you know K.Karunakaran? This chap is a octogenarian who still haggles in daily politics in Kerala to get his son to the chief ministers post. You can say he is Keralas answer to Deve Gowda, but giving credit where its due, "Leader" as he is fondly called has been playing the political corridors lot longer than Mannina Maga. This experience shows, as Deve Gowda had to go through an elaborate staged drama to get his son to power, while "Leader" shamelessly challenges the political leadership of Kerala to get his way. In the quest for more bargaining power he recently floated his own party with as cliched a name as it can be "Democratic Indira Congress(Karunakaran)". This sounded nothing more, or less, till "The Week", quite unintentionally put a new spin to it by making it an acronym, which then makes it, DIC(K) !! :-))

"Leader", what a fantastic choice for a party name!! Suits your politically ideology and your sons brainpower to the 'T'  :-))))

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