Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Fun

Weekends these days are routine, but always has fun involved in good measure. My cousins usually come over and we end up doing something that is better than sitting at home and watching TV. This weekend we saw "Zinda", the new Sanjay Gupta movie. We went to the movie because of the very good review in Times Of India and the movie lived up to the billing. I think its a must-see if a bit of gross violence is OK. :-)

I was following the India vs Pak cricket match on the rather dead pitch at Lahore. I must say, we gave the Pakis a good smashing, but then, the pitch was real placid. We know the Pakis are afraid of our spin duo, but that does not mean they come up with a pitch that is a nightmare to bowl on for anybody! Sehwag batted real well, but then, did he really have to be so undiplomatic? ;-)

Some interesting net finds to end the day:
1. Google started google video a while back. They have currently opened viewing of the videos for only the US and hence we can't have the fun! Here is a way to break it. Check this out.
2. Sony Ericsson has come out at CES with their next Walkman phone, W810i. This is an improvement over the W800i with being Quad-Band and having EDGE Support. Also, they have tried to make the buttons "more" Walkman friendly. Here is a video from CES.

Thats it for today folks. As you can see, I was anxious to get my second post out of the way ASAP and I did so with a lot of fervour. Since I cannot do another "I'LL BE BACK", let me say... "Stay tuned, same place, any time in the future". :-)

Self-Talk: That was a desperately lame attempt at being funny with an ending punchline.

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