Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Managing Time..

I am late on the blog! Guess what... you gonna hear a lot of this from me. "Was at office late, reached home late, got up late, rushed to office "on time". [p.s: My manager sees this blog too. :-)] But seriously... how does one be productive when he/she has "x" amount of things to do and "x" time. I was reading this yesterday and I noticed that I can't implement 60-70% of them! Do I still have hope to get organized? Maybe that should be my new year resolution, to get organized. I do believe though, that new year resolutions are usually ones that we mean to actually never implement, hence call them resolutions. Its an evergreen fad to break new year resolutions. :-)

Jumping topics, there was very good coverage for the toxic ship coming to India for getting itself "cleaned". I didn't give it anything more than a passing glance when I read it in the newspaper, but I did realize a little late that it irked me more than I knew. My friend "moots" or some people prefer to call her "Odel", pointed me to this, which shines more light on the situation and the silent crusade that was on all along.

And last... a little bit of a teaser of sorts. What are you actually "seeing"? Is it what you eyes sees or what your brain wants you to see? A very interesting article which should give neuro*.* people a very humbling effect on how much more is there to learn of the human brain and body.

The above is a contribution from "NSD". I am sure I can run this blog just with his daily contributions, but I will try my very best to break that comfort zone. :-)

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Reshma said...

The article on 'Blind Spot' is interesting. I actually tried it out and guess what! It's working!!!