Sunday, January 22, 2006

Monday is a bad day

The monday blues are still sticking to me and I am only a few minutes away from end of day! Generally no work gets done on Monday for a variety of reasons.
1. Relatives who want to sightsee that spills over the weekend.
2. Gruhapraveshams you can't miss.
3. Work you can't do.
4. Interviews you don't want to take.
5. TV you don't want to see.
6. Blog you don't want to write.

I am just kidding with the last two. Four just doesn't have the weight of reasoning that six has. :-)

No good movies in town, other than Narnia, so this weekend was a no movie weekend. Thanks to NSD I have whole seasons of CSI to keep me company. I have seen some 6-7 episodes and I am surpised as to how each episode can really captivate you! Infact, I think I will watch an episode after I finish writing this blog!!

BTW, lot happening on the net this weekend. We had IE 7 being leaked, konica minolta is no longer playing the camera game, steve jobs just got a LOT richer and surprise suprise, intel loses more ground! Feels good to know that I bought the "better" PC. hehehe :-}

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