Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nataka in Karnataka

I got the title idea from IBN, the new "in your face" news channel on the block. Dileep Sardesai heads this place and he has taken dramatisation of an issue to a whole new level! Anywayz, we have to digest what the media throws at us.

The whole political drama going on in Karnataka is so funny and sad at the same time. How can the all powerful Deve Gowda go from a person who could stop the Metro project, the International airport and what not be reduced to a man with the support of just 6 of his MLAs? His son claims he has 46 and Siddu already has 7. :-) I do think though that this is a well choreographed drama by Deve Gowda to get his son into power. He first knocked off Siddu, ensure that the next two seniors Prakash(deputy cm) and PGR Scindia stick with him, while Kumaraswamy goes on to be a CM! Lets see how this reel in real life unfold.

I was on the lookout for a few good laptop deals today and saw some real mid to high range ones at around 1000-to-1300 dollars, and then I saw this.

Can you believe that somebody would actually pay that kinda money for that comp(The very first one in the pic) ? :-))

More Net Finds:
1. "The Herald" seems to suggest that we work for only 11 mins at the office! Now, I didn't need them to tell me that I don't work! ;-)
2. Anybody on the lookout for ipods? Amazon has had a price drop on them. So if you have anyone traveling from the US, now would be good time to call on a favour.

p.s: BTW, drop some comments y'all. Lemme know what I am doing right and what I am doing not so right(wrong being such a negative word). :-)

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zerophobe said...

going by the quality of the ad and of course, the date written next to it, in hand, i think the prices are just right for that time, last century was a , esp. the 80's, a time for things that just could not look good, from jeetendra in white shoes, to computers that could only be attractive to a truck driver, no offence meant to anyone :). People wanted to be uncool..and this is so NOT cool