Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finally... My BLOG!

A very warm welcome to all. Well... Since I am no famous person, the people seeing this blog are most definitely those whom I have hand-picked(begged) to view my blog. :-)

I have been delaying the whole blogging experience for soooo long for the simple reason that I wanted a theme for my blog. It took me long(too long actually) to figure out that I didnt have any particular passion on which I could write something every other day. So, I decided, true to my favourite sitcom hero, Seinfeld, My blog will be about "nothing" or as I would like it, to transform itself into a blog about "everything".

Ok.. My creativity is taking a dip right now... maybe because its past midnight and I have just finished 550 pages of Kane & Abel and I really should be getting to bed. So, good night for now and if there are more rants on this progressively imperfect world or on anything else that catches my fancy... I'LL BE BACK! :-D

1 comment:

Remya said...

Please COME BACK soon. we are waiting for u :)