Friday, June 08, 2007

Business End of things...

This years French open is coming to a close and the mens semi final line up is:

Federer vs Davydenko
Nadal vs Djokovic

The dream final is of course Federer vs Nadal, but if not for this outcome, I would think there would be more interest in a Nadal vs Davydenko match than a Federer vs Djokovic match. This is because, Nadal gives every player a fighting chance to beat him, even though he wins at the end of it. But Federer just demolishes the opponent. That is why its important that Federer loses more often, makes viewing the game more interesting. :-)

If Nadal and Federer play the final the way they played their semis, Federer is in for another drubbing. he he he...

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