Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How long before...

Wimbledon is on and like the French open is happening during back-from-office-in-India friendly times and hence am able to see a lot of it on television. And everyday, along with all the tennis I also get to see the wonderful ground covers that Wimbledon have. They bring it on and off so fast and are so effective in preventing the grass from getting any greener. In case my sarcasm is lost on anyone, all this rain at Wimbledon really sucks!

We have 4 Grand Slams in a year. Ideally speaking, we should be having one per quarter. But nope, we gotta have it as haphazard as possible. We start in Jan with Australian, wait till May/June for the French and withing 2-3 weeks have Wimbledon and wait for the end of the year for the US Open. Now, the obvious culprits are French and Wimbledon. Since Wimbledon is blessed with such lousy weather at this time for the year, what why can't they move the tourney to be a couple of months delayed or early? Cmon organizers, you see this happen every year, when are you gonna learn that tennis cannot be played in the rain and we hence needs a reschedule!!


Bangole said...

That would delay US open dude..
US open starts in end of August. Also playing on hard court (US open and Australian open) athletes need to prepare differently due to the banging nature on their knees and ankles.

Ajay said...

Yup... but that just calls for a consensus to hold the tournaments during weather friendly times, whatever they may be. For e.g. The match between Sharapova and Sugiyama was not stopped by the referee and umpire even though it was raining because, sharapova was close to winning. It they stopped the game at that point and restart, thatz another 30-45 mins lost. Sugiyama was at a disadvantage and she even protested, but to no avail. Why even have such a tournament that is not being fair to players but is just maintaining traditions?