Sunday, June 17, 2007

Movie Review: Cheeni Kum

Another multiplex film, Cheeni Kum hit screens a couple of weeks back. It has Amitabh and Tabu in lead with smallish roles for Paresh Rawal and Zohra Sehgal. The story is exactly what the promos show, of a 64 year old man swooning a 34 year old woman. To Amitabhs credit, he carries off the typical boyfriend role to the 'T'. The chemistry that the lead pair shares is amazing, and that is total credit to the two actors who have understood their characters so well, that they were able to pull off the chemistry that the writer/director may have wished for. Zohra Sehgal is ok in her role while there is this child actress who  has also done a nice job. She is supposed to be suffering from Blood Cancer and hence is given the leeway of expressing on  issues more mature than what is appropriate for her age. Can't give her too much credit though as she is expected to only have one expression, that of being stoic, and she does that well. Wonder if she has got more than that one expression though. Paresh enters in the movie quite late and does an ok job too. The one-twos that he and Amitabh share are quite funny and gives the idea of a typical "retired man". Of course, it is important that Paresh is typical, else the atypicalness of Amitabh wouldn't have been as contrasting. All in all, a decent fair.

One thing that did irk me was Amitabhs character's 30 year old guy kinda portrayal. I am not referring to him trying to woo Tabu. This is the crux of the movie and and hence is expected. But his apparent immature response to the sickness and eventual death of "Sexy", the little girl was overdone. The role of "Sexy" was just to give some respite from the otherwise monotonous storyline. But in a couple of instances, he overreacts and overacts. But again, this is more than something that is obvious, and most cinegoers could care less. For keeping things fun, to the point and in fact quite simple, I rate it at 6.5 on 10.

Couldn't see Oceans 13 this week either, hopefully next week...

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