Monday, June 18, 2007

Its never enough

... and it never will be. Wait wait wait... before your fertile minds start reading between lines in the very first line, I am talking about the shopping experience in Bengaluru over a weekend. :-). It just keeps getting crowded and crowded and more crowded. The spending middle class in Bengaluru is so strong that any semblance of a mall anywhere will be attacked on like hungry piranhas. There was a time when I would hear of a new mall coming up here or there and think, "Man, are these guys gonna go out of business, or what!". Precisely the "or what" is happening in busy Bengaluru where anyone can sell, anything will sell and all will buy!

Heres calling all the already rich mall builders, please build some more... Bengaluru needs them and god knows you need the money. ;-)

p.s: To all builders, As you take my cry call seriously, please don't forget that most of us reach malls on vehicles and they need parking. So, please plan a LOT of parking space too. :-)

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