Thursday, May 31, 2007

Timely Dilbert

Ironically, we are having the appraisal process kicking off at our office. :-)


Icarus said...

There was another one which I liked more. I searched the Internet, but couldn't find it. It went something like this:

The pay revisions had been announced, and Alice got a 3% hike or something. She was naturally upset with that. The pointy-haired boss comforts her saying that he himself got only a 2% hike. Alice replies that the boss' 2% hike is far more than Alice's 3%. It was déjà vu for me. Another reason to hate corporate life.

Ajay said...

Scott Adams is a really lucky guy that he got a high paying alternate profession. :-)

Icarus said...

Yes, he is; and I'm lucky that I got a low-paying alternate profession. It's low-paying, but at least I'm happier. :-)