Sunday, June 10, 2007

True Successor!

Lionel Messi is a phenom in his own right. He is young, talented and extremely quick! On top of all this , he has the added burden of being called the next maradona by maradona himself. We know what a statement similar to this by Don Bradman did to Sachin Tendulkar. ;-) Anywayz, Lionel has been doing pretty well for himself at Barcelona and with Ronaldinho sharing midfield with him, this was a dream combo for many a football fan.

Last weekend saw Barca take on Espanyol in a must win situation, to enable them to get to the top of La Liga. Apart from just football skills, Messi decided to call upon *all* the skills that Maradona possessed during this very important match! It was blatant, it was cheating and luckily justice was served as Barca didn't win the match!

Truly disappointing from such a talented player... Football is all about winning, but no sport should be void of sportsmanship. Defenders tugging at shirts or hand holding strikers back, strikers falling like nine pins at the very sight of a defender, these are regulars in football these days. And the more such leniency is allowed, the more degraded the most popular sport in the world would become. In my opinion, you can play the game right and still come on top. Maradona the great is unfortunately remembered just as much for his "hand of god" as he is for his dribbling skills. Now, Lionel Messi will also be remembered (at least by me) for his rendition of "hand of god" instead of his stupendous football talent.

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