Thursday, June 21, 2007

Enough already!

So Atlantis has not got back from space. We are worried, as worried as we need to be. Sunita Williams along with some more folks are in trouble and considering the recent US space history, everybody has reason to worry. There are all these articles of second Indian lady in space walking the same path as the first(Kalpana Chawla). But lets make one thing very clear... Sunita Williams is NOT an Indian. She can be called as of being of Indian origin, but I am sure there are more foreigners doing more good for India than Sunita Williams ever has or will. I have nothing against Sunita Williams, but she is far less important to India than what she is made out to be. I mean, Times Of India actually have this on the very first page followed by a lengthy article later on.

Does the average Indian really have to know that she is craving for pista ice cream and chocolate! Like everything these days, news is also bubblegum-style, masticate the same news over and over, blow it up as hard as possible and then out it goes to stick on someone's memory sole!

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