Monday, January 29, 2007

Best actor - Female

.... and the award goes to Shilpa Shetty!! After all the hoopla she created with first complaining of racism, getting the culprit kicked out, then telling she was not racially abused, but setting the ball rolling on ensuring the co-conspirators during her torture days in the house of big brother don't go scott-free, to finally now, WINNING IT! The people behind the show want us to believe that the contestants didn't know that the whole racism thing got so much publicity. Sure sure, we believe you. :-)

Damn girl, you smart or what! Thatz a cool 100,000 pounds she has pocketed. Basically she let her sobs actually become racial bites to the desi diaspora, she then questioned Britains claim of being non-racist, which made Britain guilt-ridden and ended up voting for her to win! After winning she had this to say, "I have made India proud in UK". :-) Sure girl, crying on TV is exactly what makes us proud! Happy shopping . :-)))

Notice, I have tried to appease all the new age actresses who hate being called an actress and would rather be called an actor. Their logic being, you don't have doctress or lawyeress and since acting is also just a profession, they should be called as actors. What the big deal? There is already a dictionary approved English word, actress! Why make us all think that much more hard to be politically correct every time we have a casual conversation about movies with, "eeeh, sorry, didn't mean actress, meant female actor"!

In my opinion, Almost as pointless as renaming Bangalore as Bengalooru. ;-)

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