Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In case you missed...

Didn't want to start the year with this though it was one of the most googled news on any given day of 2006. Hence threw in a harmless one on Indian cricket which almost borders on humour. :-))

Its always disturbing to see a person being killed, but the outrage in India over this is just not understandable. What did the people expect? That US would spend all those billions to catch the guy(and get his oil) and leave the place without killing him??

Disclaimer: You would think this would need a disclaimer but again it does not coz you hardly see anything!!

Supposedly the last minutes of Saddam Hussein.


sanjay said...

i guess its not the case of saddam being hanged (he deserved it) but the way it was carried out that was dissapointing. the execution was apparently carried out by shiites who behaved in a "thuggish" manner, shouting muqtada, and cursing saddam etc etc.

the main point is that the current government in iraq is just as brutal and consists of a bunch of thugs in the opposite camp than before.

so the question that the US and the world should ask is, at the end of the day was all this 4 years of disaster worth it?

Ajay said...

The world should not have expected any better from a rogue state like Iraq. This is not to say that it was not a rogue state before, it was one for a while, just that the rogue trait was suppressed by the oppressive regime of Saddam.

There was never a *reason* to attack Iraq to start with. They were not involved in terrorism(at least not proven). And before the attack, both US and UK tried hard to pin some blame on Saddam and Iraq and as all the scandals since then have proved, the so called proof was falsified evidence and both country leaders have accepted in several meetings that they were wrong in attacking Iraq.

Another question that begs an answer is, a man who has been so inhuman during his power days deserve to be treated any different in life or in death??