Sunday, January 07, 2007

The drama called politics

The new year partying was not over yet and the drama of politics soon acted up. The festival Eid was on the 1st of Jan. Though this is a religious event what also marks this event every year is the bevy of political heavyweights attending Eid prayers and Eid-ul-fitr parties. The Wakf minister in Karnataka, Zameer Ahmed had one such prayer session planned. If you remember, Zameer Ahmed was one of the trusted lieutenants of the now chief minister Kumaraswamy, who supposedly drove the minibus that took the the state MLAs to a resort somewhere outside the city (to prevent horse trading, the bloody horses!!)when Kumaraswamy was plotting the coup to down the then Congress government.

When such an established friend of the chief ministers tells his loved supporters that the chief minister would come to the Eid prayers he has planned, and then the chief minister doesn't turn up, what would he do? The obvious of course, threaten to quit. Now, when the chief minister didn't really bat an eye lid, he had to follow it up and come good on his threat. Now things had gone too far and repair work had to start. There is already speculation on BJP getting restless to take over the CM's seat and with such infighting in the Kumaraswamy camp he is gonna have far less bargaining power. So, a couple of days later, this photo hits the news stands.

Hail the very best actors in our state!!

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