Monday, January 15, 2007

Sponsoring The Pirates

How many movie VCDs or DVDs do you own? If the answer is not zero, how many were bought from the streets and how many from the stores. The answer most likely, atleast in Bangalore is bound to be "from the streets". The latest movie releases on VCDs and DVDs are available at throw away rates from the streets at every nook and corner while the same cost a small fortune in the stores. Is it ok to buy these from the streets? The obvious answer is likely to be no, but lets delve a little more and be a little less idealistic.

Every big celebrity event you see on TV, you will find all the big stars telling us to kill piracy. So, we have piracy happening so blatantly for so many years now, do you see the celebrities making any less money? Who is losing money here? Do you really think a 5 minute dance show deserves 20 Lakhs?? Thats 4 Lakhs per minute! I am sure many will immediately retort back with, there are many such professions that don't deserve the money they make. For e.g. the software engineers working in the IT industry, do they deserve the money they get? Luckily there is not much anybody can do to make us make any less money, the piracy in software has most definitely not brought down my salary! ;-) So, coming back to the topic, why should piracy be stopped? If I am OK with the low quality of the pirated tapes, why should I buy the original? Why should I pay so much more than I think they deserve? If I don't want to wear the supposed high quality clothes from westside or shoppers stop and can make do with the clothes sold by street vendors, what am I doing wrong? If I am OK with the bug ridden seats of the small theater and don't want to pay Rs.200 for a multiplex ticket, nothing wrong being done here, is there?

With only one person buying an original DVD at Rs. 400 versus 10 people buying the pirated DVD at Rs.40 each, no wonder the piracy industry is flourishing. We all know that a empty VCD or DVD does not cost much. All one needs to do is figure out, how to make profits while selling to the masses at lower rates. Apparently, Moser Baer has figured this out and trying to change something in this regard. Hope these guys succeed for the sake of all the Malaika Aroras and Mallika Sherawats of the world. :-)

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