Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is this it?

After all these years of hearing the craziness of sports in the US, I finally get a chance to watch "The Date" on the sporting calendar in the US, the Super Bowl. The Indianapolis Colts took on the Chicago Bears and true to expectations(yes have been following it), the Colts win it 29-17. I understand quite a bit of American football and as far as footballing games go, it was not as high quality as I had expected or seen during the packers or patriots days.

None the less, I stayed glued to the TV set the whole evening watching this not so interesting match, coz I wanted to have a look at all the Super Bowl Ads that usually are highly publicized and supposedly cost millions. Was I disappointed or what?? There was not a single Ad that I saw that stuck to my mind! Seriously folks, did I actually see the real Super Bowl Ads or does CBS have a secondary set of Ads? The set that they show to people who check-in into the regular budget hotels and don't pay for satellite TV? Anywayz, back to the point. There are these programs that come on Indian TV which say "Funniest Ads", "Sexiest Ads", "The Best Ads" etc etc. Where are these Ads shown? I don't see any even half as interesting on American TV. I hate to compare... actually, I don't. :-) The Ads that are shown on Indian TV are a lot more innovative and interesting. Yes, there is the usual argument that, the Ads made in India are obvious to appeal to Indians and similarly the US Ads for Americans. But nowadays, I relate to an American movie like LOTR or a serial like House more obviously than I do to Kal Ho Na Ho or Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki! So, that argument doesn't hold the same amount of water as it used to.

So, answer me people, where are the good Ads? Show me an Ad that runs on regular American TV that can compare to the Hutch pug ones or the Happy Dent ones or the Fevicol ones back home??

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