Friday, January 19, 2007

Get on the fast lane...

WiMAX is touted as India's expressway to broadband pervasiveness. The storyline is similar to what was promised by cellular technology a few years back. India just didn't have the time and the corporate India didn't have the interest to invest money in laying fresh copper cables for getting a phone in every house in India. They did what many technology leaders who visited India a few years back had suggested, "Take the wireless route. You have to get there eventually, why not get there right now!" Now its the turn for broadband to take the same route. Though I do feel that broadband has taken off in India so well that every service provider is backlogged. BSNL can't provide connections for the next 2 months in a place like Indiranagar while Airtel can't cover the Outer Ring Road stretch because they don't have enough high capacity switches! None the less, nothing like going wireless anytime anyplace.

Aircel Business Solutions, the Chennai based service provider has announced launching of WiMAX operations in Bangalore. They are starting off in 3-4 popular areas with a 5km radius of coverage and plan to expand soon. They apparently are using equipment from Israeli company, Alvarion, which was one of our major competitors at my previous organization. We were good, but they were damn good! :-) Hopefully their WiMAX products will be just as good and reliable as their pre-WiMAX products.

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