Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here we go again...

A new year and still things don't change a bit in Indian cricket. Melodramatic presentation, but as if anyone expected it to change. We started the 3rd test at Newlands with both Jaffer and Sehwag finding a place in the team. Both have played well enough some 4-5 matches earlier too, but as of now they just don't deserve a place in the team. The question that begs to be asked now is does any one in the reserves deserve a place in the team?

Jaffer scores a century on a benign pitch where even a makeshift opener, Dinesh Kaarthick scores a fifty. The pitch would not seam or have sharp/indifferent bounce. Quite unlike any South African pitch and quite like an Indian pitch. No wonder the never blossoming flowers chose the right time to show their every so deceptive colours! On this pitch, Sehwag coming in at 6 or 7 will also score and then we will have Jaffer and Sehwag for the rest of the year. Nothing wrong if they play well though, which they will once we get back to India. India very smartly decides to prepare for the ODI World cup by playing more cricket in India! Duh!!

But on the other hand, maybe this was very well planned. Someone in the Indian cricket administration understands the Indian psyche. You threaten an Australian's place in the squad and he is very likely to score a century or take 5 wickets. You threaten and Indian's place in the squad, he is likely to perform worse than he ever has and Chappell is learning this the hard way. Similarly, if the Aussies want to prepare for the world cup, they would like to play in the West Indies not far from the world cup. But the Indians, no.... you don't want them to go before time to the West Indians and risk losing and hence being void of any confidence. Lets bring them here, to our home and thrash the living daylights out of them. Make the viewers feel good and this means the sponsors feel good! We then go to the West Indies and start cribbing about the pitches and start making excuses for the bad performances!

Oh well... still forms basis for interesting discussions in office. :-)

Have a great year ahead folks!

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