Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Being Nasty!

Dayanidhi Maran is out! I am sure a less competent person will now control the ministry, which is a not so good. He was a young politician and I generally feel the younger crop of politicians are less corrupt. But there was one thing about Maran that irked me to no end and that was his oh-so-obvious Tamilnadu centric IT policies. I agree that more cities in India must get their IT industry going. But I just as strongly believe that we should not lose the edge that Bengaluru gives India in world IT scene. How many IT CEOs did Maran get to Bengaluru versus Chennai? Why this disparity? Bengaluru has been grappling with infrastructure issues for some time now and why is this? The only industry that Bengaluru can boast about is IT and not all of the IT engineers are Bangaloreans. They come from all parts of the country, and hence giving Bengaluru priority is not a crime, but is in national interest. As a cabinet minister in charge of this ministry, he should have been the forerunner in getting attention to this issue. But you heard Kalam and Manmohan Singh talk about it before the IT minister uttered a word even!

I am happy that a less efficient minister at the helm would mean more good to IT on the whole and Bengaluru in specific than Maran. Just calling a spade a spade, even if its nasty!


Puchu said...

Policies of the government, or the ministers are always going to be such that only their vote bank are benefited, or at least their vote bank must be benefited the most.

I think most of the "smart" politicians learnt that lesson, when Chandrababu Naidu was shunted out of power, after the last general elections, inspite of the wonders he did for that state.
My cousin brother works for the AP Govt in Ananthpur. He used to tell me how the govt officials hated Chandrababu Naidu because he demanded accountability from them... This obviously was not liked by our mostly corrupt govt officials and this sowed the seeds of displeasure among the people.

Similarly, our "humble farmer", knows he does not need to do a thing for Bangalore, bcoz the smart Bangaloreans are never gonna be happy with him. Its not the Bangaloreans who are going to bring him back to power.

That was the primary reason for Mr Murthy suggesting Central rule for the major cities in India. But you know how our politicians twisted the same story....

Ajay said...

A lot of the issues that come up these days are so blatant that you wonder how the perpetrators think they will get away with it. Its always the "Aisa Hi Hai" attitude of people that help them get away. Its not that the man of the street is oblivious to all this, its just that he is too lazy or too scared to do anything about it. If you can have a foolproof SMS poll method of branding a politician or a bureaucrat as corrupt and booting him out of office, I would think that we would be corruption free in no time!