Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its finally happened...

The sport of tennis had been longing for two things to happen. Federer to beat Nadal on clay and Nadal to beat Federer on grass. Both are geniuses in their own ranks with Federer being the more accomplished one. In fact, I think Federer plays so good, that he was/is doing more harm to the game of tennis than good. Its almost like in cricket, nobody can beat Australia and hence no finals is fun as the result is a foregone conclusion. The world has been longing for some sort of competition to brew that they decided to make a surface where both of these players will have an equal shot at winning. Nadal won this strange match and possibility of some interesting results was now a reality.

Nadal had since continued his winning streak on clay and last counted at 81 continuous victories on clay, till the Hamburg Open final where he met Federer. The stage was set and Federer finally did it! What makes this victory special for Federer is that he was in some sort of a slump losing to some lesser known players and here too lost the first set. But to be fair to Nadal, he had been playing far more tennis that Federer, 81 is a good number. :-) Now that French open is definitely going to be a lot more interesting, one can only wish for an equally interesting Wimbledon. With Federer on a 41 match unbeaten streak on grass, the tables turn and Nadal, the underdog, should pull off an upset. If this year, French Open goes to Federer and Wimbledon goes to Nadal, we could possibly be privy to a very legendary duel brewing for many years to come.

Boo to domination, hail the underdog! :-)

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