Friday, May 04, 2007

Movie Review: Bheja Fry

My first hindi movie in a looong time, and boy was it worth it! Multiplex cinema is here to stay and this movie is the best proof of this. Bheja Fry, a 55-60 Lakhs budget movie, a 1.5 hrs movie, a non bollywood-like star cast movie and yet more fun to watch that the most Yashraj films!

Bheja Fry is the story of a rich, pompous, selfish and arrogant music industry businessman Ranjit Thadani(Rajat Kapoor), who at the end of the movie learns a thing or two about how to be a nice guy. Rajat Kapoor unwinds every Friday night with a bunch of friends. Their activity being, getting some person who believes he has talent to their dinner/get-together and make fun of them, of course without the person knowing that he is being made fun off. Sounds rude ? it of course is, and that is exactly what his wife (Sarika) feels. The "idiot" called in for one such fun Friday night is Bharat Bhushan(Vinay Pathak), a wannabe singer working in the tax department.

The story gets interesting when Ranjit sprains his back on this particular friday and to boot loses his mobile. The significance of losing the mobile is absolutely essential for the movie's intense storyline. :-). Adamant to continue with his weekend party, he calls Bharat Bhushan to come and disregards his wife's suggestions to cancel the friday get-together and care for his back. Miffed by this his wife leaves the house in anger. The rest of the movie is to do with Ranjits efforts to trace his wife and in the process the very unique antics of Bharat Bhushan. All in all a real fun movie and will definitely be worth your time.

Was the movie technically brilliant? Of course not, it is riddled with minor mistakes that are needed to keep the story going. This being said, no one can complain about the performances, most notably that of Vinay Pathak. Absolutely brilliant comic timing and dialogue delivery. Ranvir Shourie could have been used better and Milind Soman was possibly the worst performer in the movie.

On a purely entertainment scale, I would give this movie a 8.0 on 10. :-)

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