Saturday, February 24, 2007


A very tongue-in-cheek post (at least by my standards) follows. You are all warned!

The IT industry in India has transformed quite dramatically the lives of many middle class families back home. The first salary that comes into a household from someone working in this industry usually surpasses that of their parents who have been working for some 25 years! Apart from this financial gain, there has also been the whole H1B program for working in the US which has helped the financial cause even further. Of course, there are many who travel to US for the better quality of life or for want of better career opportunities or better academics. But most of the H1B visas that do get doled out are lapped up by desis who want to make some green. Once we desis get to Uncle Sams land on one of these coveted H1's, its expected that most will get enamored. What follows then is a carefully timed application for a green card with the right employer, someone who will not crap out on you. What follows this of course is an US citizens. Without knowing all the details, I am sure citizenship in the US is very hard to get and a green card is a far far cry from citizenship, but it is a step in that direction. Again, this is a generalization for the sake of an argument, so no flaming please. :-)

With this as the context, imagine what one would feel when you see an Ad on TV which says that there is a lucky draw to get a green card! :-) All those waiting for green cards can apply and hope to get lucky. And if you do win the raffle draw, you gonna get to your citizenship by luck? So, would you then say "I love US, coz I got lucky!" But I guess someone who has dropped his/her citizenship by birth for a citizenship of choice doesn't have to be governed by the same unsaid rules.

For all those who got in line... best of luck and all those who didn't, what are you waiting for?? :-))

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